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These videos were meant to be seen in a VR headset like the google DayDream or Samsung 360, so if you can - please open the videos using those devices.

JDC / Mission trip to Siberia and Russia's far east

Dance with elderly Jewish women in the capital of Russia's Jewish Autonomous Region. Feel the cold winter air as the Trans-Siberian Railway rushes by. See how JDC provides food, medicine, and more to vulnerable elderly Jews and the poorest Jewish family. Experience what it's like to travel with JDC through 360-degree virtual-reality video technology.

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Reading Partners

RP's mission is to help children become lifelong readers by empowering communities to provide individualized instruction with measurable results. Here is a video that shows how the class looks like.

A Day in a Life

This short VR film follows 2 diabetes patients (type 1+2) as their day goes on. You can see that one patient is managing the disease while the other have the disease manage him.


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